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Above the Knee Valor Sock

  • Above The Knee: Specifically designed and stitched to fit limbs with amputations above the knee.
  • Proprietary Elastomer Flexival™: Provides exceptional fit and comfort.
  • Active-Antimicrobial: Unique from Swiftwick, our patented bonding process, which delivers natural odor elimination and antifungal benefits of silver ions throughout the sock, activated when you sweat.
  • Super Strong: Made with Olefin and Microfiber- Olefin is the only Nobel Prize winning fiber that produces a fast drying, lightweight sock. Microfiber is stronger and dries faster than cotton.
  • Linked Seam: Ultimate smooth distal end for maximum comfort. USA
  • AK low-Volume Circumference: 11 "-18"
  • Circumference is measured at or near the top of liner
  • Place bottom of sock on distal end of limb and slowly pull sock up onto limb
  • Adjust “T” in front at mid-patellar tendon and smooth out any creases
  • Apply liner on top of sock
  • Machine wash WARM and dry COOL or AIR DRY after each use using mild soap, no bleach
  • If any skin irritation occurs, apply latex-free moisturizer to skin prior to putting on sock

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SKU Sock SizeResidual Limb CoverageVolume UOM
 VALOR3-TFLV 33" / 8cmLow Each
 VALOR5-TFLV 55" / 13cmLow Each
 VALOR7-TFLV 77" / 18cmLow Each
 VALOR9-TFLV 99" / 23cmLow Each

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