About Myrdal Orthopedics

Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies inc. (MOT) was founded in 2000 and is owned by Patrick J. Myrdal. R.T.P.O. (c), F.C.B.C.

MOT started out with a few basic products for distribution and our main focus was on Custom Fabrication. As the years went by we have grown into a highly recognized name for providing quality products and services to the Canadian O&P Profession.

Patrick J. Myrdal, R.T.P.O.(c), F.C.B.C. has been involved in O&P since 1979 and his passion is the Technical aspect of our profession. Pat has and always will be a Technical advocate. Over the years he has been involved with many organizations at many different levels.
Pat has designed many new procedures using Silicones and Urethanes. Some of these include Custom Urethane AFO’s, Urethane Partial Feet, and Silicone Liners.

Jarrod Eccles, R.T.O.(c) has been with MOT since 2001. His initial role was shipping/receiving and custom fabrication. He is now involved in the roles of Sales/Marketing, Customer Service, Import/Export Compliance and aiding the daily operations of MOT.
“We are always looking for new products to compliment our line of products and focus on remaining very competitive, keeping adequate inventory for our customers and most of all treating them with respect”

Alex Brett, R.T.P.O.(c) has been with MOT since 2004. His initial role was shipping, receiving and custom fabrication. He is now our Technical Design and Manufacturing Specialist.
Alex is responsible for everything custom. From Design and Material selection: to Quoting and ultimately Fabrication.
His specialties are Silicone and Urethane, but he is up to tackle almost anything.
Have a tough/unusual job or just need some advice? Alex is always happy to help!

Garry Long joined MOT in early 2010 in our Shipping/Receiving Department.
He is now responsible for Inventory Management, including tracking inventory trends, and purchasing materials & supplies. Garry also handles Customer Service duties, and will ensure your orders are processed accurately through our Order Desk.
Garry is always happy to assist you with your Purchase Order requirements.

If you have any new ideas and would like to discuss them please give The MOT Team a call. We are always interested in discussing new and innovative O&P procedures, materials and techniques.

Thank you to all of our friends for their continued support.

The MOT Team