Delta-Cast Prints

The Playful Solution

  • Reliable, consistent working time: Set time 3-5 minutes / full weight-bearing in approximately 20 minutes
  • Ease of application and molding
  • Clear radiograph viewing
  • Delta-Cast® Prints add personality and color to casts. In addition to helping relieve patient anxiety and making casts more enjoyable to wear, they are strong, lightweight and durable. The patterns are colorfast and will not interfere with radiograph viewing. Delta-Cast® Prints are comprised of a patented printed substrate which features extensible yarns that easily shape to body contours, providing enhanced molding capabilities. Delta-Cast® Prints are fiberglass-free casts that produce less dust during cast removal compared to fiberglass casts.
  • The patented fiberglass-free casting material combines strength and rigidity with smooth finish and soft edges for enhanced patient comfort. The smooth surface will not snag clothes and bed linens.

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SKU ColorWidthLengthRolls/Box UOM
 DELTAPRINT2CAMO Camouflage5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2DINO Dinosaurs5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2PAST Pastel Prints5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2PINKCAMO Pink Camouflage5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2PP Paw Prints5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2SB Soccer Balls5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2TB Teddy Bears5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT2WINTER Winter Pattern5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT3CAMO Camouflage7.5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT3PAST Pastel Prints7.5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT3PINKCAMO Pink Camouflage7.5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT3PP Paw Prints7.5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT3SB Soccer Balls7.5 cm3.6 m10 Box
 DELTAPRINT3WINTER Winter Pattern7.5 cm3.6 m10 Box

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