Encore V Lock Liner

The Encore V Liner combines performance with enhanced cushioning and durability.

  • The Encore V Liner is designed for maximum comfort. This liner is engineered with a high cushion thermoplastic gel that is enriched with medical grade mineral oil, resulting in a liner that provides optimum cushion while maintaining durability.
  • The Encore V Liner in manufactured out of two unique fabrics. The lighter anterior panel is a soft fabric that stretches in all directions. The darker posterior panel is a heavier fabric designed to eliminate longitudinal stretching or "pistoning". Both fabrics have been treated to provide a soft finish. Available in two color combinations: Tan/Brown, Steel Grey/Dark Grey
  • Available in six sizes. 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm, 28 cm, 34 cm
  • Available in four gel thickness configurations, measured anterior/posterior.
  • Anterior/Posterior: 3mm/3mm, 6mm/3mm, 6mm/6mm, 9mm/3mm

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SKU SizeAnterior/PosteriorColor UOM
 ENC-V-16CM-3/3-LL-TAN/BRN 16 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-16CM-3/3-LL-STL/DGR 16 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-18CM-3/3-LL-TAN/BRN 16 cm3mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-18CM-3/3-LL-STL/DGR 18 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-20CM-3/3-LL-TAN/BRN 18 cm3mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-20CM-3/3-LL-STL/DGR 20 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-24CM-3/3-LL-TAN/BRN 20 cm3mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-24CM-3/3-LL-STL/DGR 24 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-28CM-3/3-LL-TAN/BRN 24 cm3mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-28CM-3/3-LL-STL/DGR 28 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-34CM-3/3-LL-TAN/BRN 28 cm3mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-34CM-3/3-LL-STL/DGR 34 cm3mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-16CM-6/3-LL-TAN/BRN 34 cm3mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-16CM-6/3-LL-STL/DGR 16 cm6mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-18CM-6/3-LL-TAN/BRN 16 cm6mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-18CM-6/3-LL-STL/DGR 18 cm6mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-20CM-6/3-LL-TAN/BRN 18 cm6mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-20CM-6/3-LL-STL/DGR 20 cm6mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-24CM-6/3-LL-TAN/BRN 20 cm6mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-24CM-6/3-LL-STL/DGR 24 cm6mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-28CM-6/3-LL-TAN/BRN 24 cm6mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-28CM-6/3-LL-STL/DGR 28 cm6mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-34CM-6/3-LL-TAN/BRN 28 cm6mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-34CM-6/3-LL-STL/DGR 34 cm6mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-16CM-9/3-LL-TAN/BRN 34 cm6mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-16CM-9/3-LL-STL/DGR 16 cm9mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-18CM-9/3-LL-TAN/BRN 16 cm9mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-18CM-9/3-LL-STL/DGR 18 cm9mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-20CM-9/3-LL-TAN/BRN 18 cm9mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-20CM-9/3-LL-STL/DGR 20 cm9mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-24CM-9/3-LL-TAN/BRN 20 cm9mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-24CM-9/3-LL-STL/DGR 24 cm9mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-28CM-9/3-LL-TAN/BRN 24 cm9mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-28CM-9/3-LL-STL/DGR 28 cm9mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-34CM-9/3-LL-TAN/BRN 28 cm9mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-34CM-9/3-LL-STL/DGR 34 cm9mm/3mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-16CM-6/6-LL-TAN/BRN 34 cm9mm/3mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-16CM-6/6-LL-STL/DGR 16 cm6mm/6mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-18CM-6/6-LL-TAN/BRN 16 cm6mm/6mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-18CM-6/6-LL-STL/DGR 18 cm6mm/6mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-20CM-6/6-LL-TAN/BRN 18 cm6mm/6mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-20CM-6/6-LL-STL/DGR 20 cm6mm/6mm Tan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-24CM-6/6-LL-TAN/BRN 20 cm6mm/6mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-24CM-6/6-LL-STL/DGR 24 cm6mm/6mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-28CM-6/6-LL-TAN/BRN 24 cm6mm/6mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-28CM-6/6-LL-STL/DGR 28 cm6mm/6mmTan/Brown Each
 ENC-V-34CM-6/6-LL-TAN/BRN 28 cm6mm/6mmSteel Grey/Dark Green Each
 ENC-V-34CM-6/6-LL-STL/DGR 34 cm6mm/6mmTan/Brown Each

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