Encore Summit Sleeve

High quality, innovative and customizable sleeve that is accessible to everyone.

  • The Summit Sleeve is designed for comfort and performance. This sleeve is crafted using a proprietary blend of thermoplastic gel and medical grade mineral oil, resulting in a sleeve that is highly durable and retains critical elasticity.
  • The Summit Sleeve is offered in two unique blends of thermoplastic gel, both specifically engineered for different levels of comfort and performance.
  • Active Gel – Designed for activity, our Active Gel is highly responsive. Choose Active Gel for all-day performance and a high level of control during movement.
  • Relax Gel – Designed for comfort, our Relax Gel offers a softer and more forgiving feel, whether in motion or at rest.
  • The Summit Sleeve incorporates ultra-strong, non-pilling fabric that feels smooth and luxurious, but is capable of withstanding long term wear. Choose from three colors. Tan, Black, Steel Grey
  • Measured at mid-patella. Available in 5 sizes.
  • XSmall (23 cm), Small (27 cm), Medium (31 cm), Large (37 cm), Xlarge (43 cm)
  • Available in two gel thicknesses. 2mm & 3mm

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SKU SizeThicknessGelColor UOM
 ENC-SUM-XS-2MM-R-BLK XS2mmRelaxBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-2MM-R-TAN XS2mmRelaxTan Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-2MM-R-STL XS2mmRelaxSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-S-2MM-R-BLK S2mmRelaxBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-S-2MM-R-TAN S2mmRelaxTan Each
 ENC-SUM-S-2MM-R-STL S2mmRelaxSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-M-2MM-R-BLK M2mmRelaxBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-M-2MM-R-TAN M2mmRelaxTan Each
 ENC-SUM-M-2MM-R-STL M2mmRelaxSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-L-2MM-R-BLK L2mmRelaxBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-L-2MM-R-TAN L2mmRelaxTan Each
 ENC-SUM-L-2MM-R-STL L2mmRelaxSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-2MM-R-BLK XL2mmRelaxBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-2MM-R-TAN XL2mmRelaxTan Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-2MM-R-STL XL2mmRelaxSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-2MM-A-BLK XS2mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-2MM-A-TAN XS2mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-2MM-A-STL XS2mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-S-2MM-A-BLK S2mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-S-2MM-A-TAN S2mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-S-2MM-A-STL S2mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-M-2MM-A-BLK M2mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-M-2MM-A-TAN M2mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-M-2MM-A-STL M2mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-L-2MM-A-BLK L2mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-L-2MM-A-TAN L2mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-L-2MM-A-STL L2mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-2MM-A-BLK XL2mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-2MM-A-TAN XL2mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-2MM-A-STL XL2mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-3MM-A-BLK XS3mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-3MM-A-TAN XS3mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-XS-3MM-A-STL XS3mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-S-3MM-A-BLK S3mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-S-3MM-A-TAN S3mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-S-3MM-A-STL S3mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-M-3MM-A-BLK M3mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-M-3MM-A-TAN M3mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-M-3MM-A-STL M3mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-L-3MM-A-BLK L3mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-L-3MM-A-TAN L3mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-L-3MM-A-STL L3mmActiveSteel Grey Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-3MM-A-BLK XL3mmActiveBlack Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-3MM-A-TAN XL3mmActiveTan Each
 ENC-SUM-XL-3MM-A-STL XL3mmActiveSteel Grey Each

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