Basalt Fiber "Eco-Black"

Tubular braid made from superior Basalt fibres derived from volcanic rock making it an eco-friendly and organic product

  • Due to the fibre characteristics it is safer and cleaner to use than other composites
  • Much easier to machine than glass, carbon and aramid fibres
  • Having flexibility in between glass and carbon fibre makes it a useful and interesting alternative
  • Can be used in combination with other composites
  • Braids available in comparable 6k and 12k fibres (carbon fibre thicknesses)
  • Can be heat modified depending on the resin used
  • Compatible with all resins
  • Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic
  • Little or no skin irritation from its dust or loose fibres
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Lightweight
  • Sold in 1 Kg rolls
  • Cost -effective

Additional Basalt Fiber Info

Material Selection Chart

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SKU Carbon ThicknessSizeQtyMin CircumferenceMax Circumference UOM
 ECOB12K-12 12k12cm x 2.05m1kg22cm / 8-1/2"48 cm / 18-3/4" Each
 ECOB12K-15 12k15cm x 2.05m1kg24cm / 9-1/2"56 cm / 22" Each
 ECOB6K-12 6k12cm x 8.2m1kg12cm / 4-3/4"36 cm / 14" Each
 ECOB6K-15 6k15cm x 4.11m1kg20cm / 7-3/4"50 cm / 19-1/2" Each
 ECOB6K-19 6k19cm x 4.11m1kg14cm / 5-1/2"68 cm / 26-1/2" Each

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