Basalt with Lurex

Available in braids only

  • This is a decorative structural material made from Basalt fibres braided with bright and shiny Lurex® film. It can be used to create both inside and outside socket finishes. The braids have been developed to give a consistent diamond pattern which keep their shine once laminated giving a pleasingly different look. It is recommended to use a backing layer of either standard Basalt braid or
  • NYLONBLK to keep the Lure:x® defined.

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SKU Description UOM
 BFBSL/130 Basalt/Lurex Braid - 5.1" x 5m Each
 BFBSL/150 Basalt/Lurex Braid - 5.9" x 5m Each
 BFBSL/225 Basalt/Lurex Braid - 8.85" x 5m Each

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